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Chairman's Letter

“Vibrant” is an abode of learning and growth for a child. We believe in empowering our students with knowledge, skill, motivation, desire and opportunity to be successful in life. This era of ever evolving trends of communication with its digital interface has transformed the traditional methods of teaching and education.

At ‘Vibrant’ we have implemented the most modern techniques of learning to create a sterilizing environment for our students.

Every child should progress in every aspect of his/her life as he grows up.
Every day in a child’s life should be a step forward where he should progress physically, mentally and culturally. Education is no more measured by pass or fail, 90% or 70% marks. It is the knowledge acquired by a child to apply in his life.

The skills, knowledge and understanding we would like your child to learn are covered by the six areas of learning. These are:

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
2. Communication, Language and Literal Development.
3. Mathematical Development.
4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
5. Physical Development.
6. Creative Development.

Each of the six areas has equal weight age in a school week and throughout the year. The School ensures that the children learn through a variety of experiences in a stimulating and happy environment. Teachers use a theme – based curriculum to enhance the children’s enjoyment in learning.

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