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Academic Activities

Methodology :

As young minds are ready to absorb anything that is taught to them, it is very essential that they are taught the right things in the right manner. To ensure this, detailed pre-school lesson plans are prepared. Pre-school lesson plans revolve around various interesting themes.

Play way method
Montessori Method
Multiple intelligence. 

Writing and reading :

Children at Vibrant Kids learn to read and write using the Jolly Phonics Scheme. This is a multisensory method of learning and has proven to be very successful throughout the world. Your child will first learn the sounds of letters and gradually begin to write them. 
Children will come to school already being able to �write�. They will probably be making marks on paper that are meaningful to them. It is from this emergent writing that that the reception teacher begins. The child becomes a confident scribe as he is not at this stage concerned with correct spellings and sentence structure. 
In a similar way the child may come to school already familiar with story books, either in English or their native tongue. If sharing a book with an adult is already a pleasure to a child, it will continue to be equally pleasurable at school. The teacher will share story books with the child as you will have already done; and so your child will become an enthusiastic reader, which is a very important quality.

Mathematics :

Many of the activities your child will have experienced at home like cooking, shopping, ordering, measuring, comparing, sorting, matching etc. are the fundamental elements upon which mathematics learning is based. In the early years at school doing an activity is of equal value as the recording of results is.
Mathematical language is of great significance and is developed through encouraging the child to talk about what he is doing, what has happened and why. 
The above list of activities is by no means exhaustive. The activities are closely related and are not seen as separate entities. 
Children will gain a great deal of practical experience which would enable them to develop mathematical concepts. A concept cannot be taught; rather it has to be developed by the child as a result of his practical experience. Mathematics, as all areas of the curriculum, can be fun and we strive to make it so.

PE :

Through activities such as gymnastics, games drama and dance, the child is given opportunities to develop his/her personality, imagination, body awareness and self confidence. In gymnastics a child�s body strength is developed as well as his body awareness, using both the floor and apparatus to carry out tasks.

Game sessions help the child to become familiar with small apparatus and also develop the fine motor skills necessary to play football, tennis, hockey, netball, cricket etc.

Movement and drama sessions develop a child�s imagination and body awareness. 

Daily Interactions : 
Teacher � parent interaction :

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